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My Story.

In April of 2020, I had 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, was working full time pushing carts at a retail store, and had just found out I was going to be a father.

Being the sole income for my family, I needed to find a way to make more money, but not doing something I hate.

I decided that month I was going to try and make at least an extra $500 a month with YouTube. If I could just do that, it would be life changing for our financial life.

I committed to learning YouTube, experimenting, and going 10X on what was working. 1 Year later, I grew from 2,000 to 42,000 subscribers, and was making 2/4K a month. (all while working a full time job and helping take care of my newborn baby)

This is now my focus and mission. To help people learn the skills they need to turn their hobbies into a side income. Because life is too short to do work you hate so you can afford to go on living doing work you hate.