Learn My Exact Process For Growing a Successful YouTube Channel That Brings Views, Subscribers, and Revenue.


"After applying the things that I learned in his course I reached 1000 subs really quick and soon also all the requirements for my channel monetization. Glad that I found him on YT!"

-Rene Mlekuz

"I purchased the program and it truly helped me but Collin also gave me added value and literally did an audit of my channel and I got some great nuggets to help grow my page. I love the information that he has to share." 

-Dr Karen Lewis

"A very detailed learning course along with it's very helpful tips for us small youtubers and learners of this youtube career."

-Angdudz Gamer

9 years of content creator experience condensed into 3+ hours of training. You'll learn:

  • How to find¬†video ideas¬†that are proven to work.¬†
  • How to make¬†thumbnails¬†that persuade viewers to click.
  • How The YouTube Algorithm works so you can¬†grow¬†your¬†subscribers and gain watchtime.
  • How to¬†rank videos in YouTube Search¬†so your¬†content¬†gets seen.¬†
  • How to optimize your channel and videos so viewers binge your content.
  • How To¬†Film and Edit Professional looking videos¬†with only your smartphone.¬†

$200 Value - Included

Get access to a private community to ask questions and engage with other students.

No need to take this journey on your own. Through our Skool community group, you can talk with other students, ask questions 24/7, and make progress towards your YouTube goals!

You might even make a friend or two!

You can access the community through the Skool mobile app (iPhone and Android) or through the Skool website.

$100 Value - Included

Access to FUTURE content

I am committed to making this course the best entry level course for new YouTube creators. As a result, the library of course content will continue to grow which means the price of this course will likely go up.

By joining now, you get access to all future videos in this course without having to pay more! 

This course is designed for:


Anyone looking for a step by step guide to starting a successful YouTube channel without needing to figure it all out on your own. It took me years to figure all of this out on my own and you can learn from all of my mistakes giving you a fast-track learning path to success. 

Business owners.

If you want to make videos on YouTube that can reach your target customer, this course can help you do just that. I've been able to rank multiple videos in search to where I get a constant stream of viewers and revenue. I'll show you exactly how I've done this so you can do the same.

Channels under 10,000 subscribers.

The content in this course will allow you to optimize your videos and channel so your videos get found and binged allowing you to grow well past 10,000 subscribers. (I've used these same strategies to grow to over 200,000 subscribers and 24,000,000 views)


$300 VALUE

Lifetime Access


One Upfront Payment

  • Lifetime Access¬†to ALL Content
  • Stream all 3¬†hours¬†+¬†of content
  • Access¬†FUTURE¬†Videos
  • Private Group¬†Access for LIFE
  • Discounts¬†on future products
  • 90 Day¬†Refund Policy


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